Centre for Competition, State-owned Enterprises and Utilities

The division for Competition, State-owned Enterprises and Utilities (KSF) works to ensure that Denmark has competitive and productive businesses and efficient markets that contribute to growth and wealth. The division works with structural policies and business-oriented regulation, economic regulation of the utilities sector, and with an active ownership of state-owned enterprises.

The division has a coordinating role with regard to the strengthening of the Danish growth, productivity and competitiveness. To do this the division has its focus, among other things, on structural policies within the private sector and on modernization of the regulatory framework of the industries in the Danish economy.

Thus, the division is working for a more competitive and efficient utilities sector (e.g. electricity, district heating and water-/gas supply, waste management, telecommunication) through a better economic regulation, including regulation of natural monopolies.

The division is also responsible for the continuous development of methods and general principles of calculations regarding socioeconomic analyses. This includes development of the general equilibrium model, REFORM, and guidelines for socioeconomic impact calculations, e.g. determining the socioeconomic discount rate.

Furthermore, the division is responsible for the Ministry of Finance’s ownership of certain state-owned enterprises. In this regard, the division also develops the Government’s general ownership policy to contribute to efficient state-owned enterprises through an active strategic ownership.

Finally, the division is responsible for the continuous overview of Greenland's and the Faroe Islands economy and the parts of the national budget in this area.