Centre for Expenditure Policy

The main responsibilities of the division are coordination and monitoring of the central government budget process, the public finances and preparation of second generation reforms.

The division is responsible for the annual budget process and the general expenditure policy. The division’s task include general coordination within expenditure policy, implementation of the Budget Law, rules of budget and appropriations, monitoring expenditures in central government and conducting cross-sectional expenditure analysis. In addition the division is responsible for § 35. General Reserves and responsible of coordination of the common sections on the Finance Act.

The division’s work on public finances includes fiscal policy, fiscal effect, general government budget balance, public consumption, public employment, public investment, public price and wage development, general government budget statistics and the publication of Udgiftslofter og statens finanser. In addition, the division coordinates general cross-sectional processes.

The division is also responsible for coordinating preparations of second generation reforms, in order to support Danes achieving the skills demanded by labor markets and secure real equal opportunities, so that more people can acquire an education or a job.