Centre for Supervision and Law

The centre of Supervision and Law provides an independent assessment of internal controls and procedures with the purpose of improvements and security of management.

The supervision includes the Agency for Public Finance and Management (including the Group Functions), the Agency for Digitisation, Agency for Governmental IT Services, Agency for Governmental Administration and the National Center for Public Sector Innovation.

The Office supports the Head of Department and Operations Management in the management of the ministry's affairs in finance, administration and IT security.

The office supports good and effective management at the ministry by providing the management with objective and independent assessments of the appropriateness of the administration of the Ministry's financial resources as well as providing advice and sparring in relation to financial management, accounting management , risk management, internal control, etc.

Through the IT supervision, the Office considers whether the Group's IT security management is conducted appropriately, reliably and securely, so that data privacy, integrity and availability are safeguarded as necessary. It is also noted that the office also carries out IT supervision with the Agency for Governmental IT Services on behalf of the Agencies customers.

In general, the supervision is risk-based with increased attention in periods when the Ministry of Finance is undergoing major changes that may affect both the economy and the administration of the Ministry of Finance.

The office is responsible for communication and coordination with the Danish National Audit Office. Furthermore the office supports and gives advices to the units which will be audited by the Danish national audit office. This in order to achieve smooth auditing and support a good cooperation with the National Audit Office.

The office is the system owner of an audit database, where all audit reports and remarks are entered and handled to ensure a focus on improvements and handling of identified risks.

The Office issues an annual report and three ongoing status of supervisory activities relating to finance, administration and IT security. In addition, an annual IT supervisory report concerning the Agency for Governmental IT Services is issued.

Finally the office issues an annual statement of the task of the Agency for Governmental Administration.