Centre for Climate, Green Economy and the EU

The centre handles the responsibilities of the Ministry of Finance in the policy areas of climate, environment, food, agriculture, energy, EU budget, EU staff regulations, fraud with EU finds, promoting Danes at EU institutions and financial consequences of EU initiatives.

The centre is responsible for the budgets of the Ministry of the Environment and Food (§ 24), the Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate (§ 29) and for the Danish contribution to the EU budget (§ 7.51). In relation hereto the division handles the budgetary tasks within the specified policy areas.

The centre coordinates the Danish government’s approach to the EU’s Multiannual Financial Framework in close collaboration with relevant line ministries and like-minded EU Member States.

In the work with the Danish contribution to the EU budget the centre prepares the Danish position to the negotiations to the annual EU budget. In this regard the centre works to ensure that EU funds are distributed and implemented according to current rules and that errors in payments are avoided. The centre also screens EU initiatives for financial consequences and handles cases with regards to EU staff policy and the implementation of the Danish government’s action plan for promoting Danes at EU institutions.

Furthermore the division conducts analyses of the public regulation in the specified areas, with focus on the implications on households and businesses, in order to prepare decision proposals towards more intelligent and efficient regulation.

The division is also responsible for the in-house coordination regarding Green Transition and the governmental building administration.