• Economic Survey, December 2020

    Publiceret 18-12-2020

    Following a significant economic recovery over the summer, obstacles to economic growth have re-emerged. The second wave of the corona pandemic has led to renewed uncertainty and necessitated new meas ...

  • Economic Survey, August 2020

    Publiceret 31-08-2020

    The corona pandemic continues to have a big impact on economic developments across countries. Contagion from the virus continues, with many new cases every day. The global economy has suffered a major ...

  • Economic Survey, May 2020

    Publiceret 26-05-2020

    The corona epidemic has serious economic consequences in Denmark where the decline in GDP this year is expected to be greater than during the financial crisis. In 2021 there is prospect of a partial r ...

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    Denmark’s National Reform Programme 2020

    Publiceret 07-05-2020

    The annual reform programme indicates that prior to the corona crisis, Denmark had progressed far in meeting the targets we have set as part of the EU's growth strategy.

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    Denmark’s Convergence Programme 2020

    Publiceret 07-05-2020

    The annual report to European Commission in the Convergence Programme is heavily affected by the severe economic situation that is due to the corona epidemic. The Programme underlines the extraordinar ...

  • Economic Survey, December 2019

    Publiceret 16-12-2019

    The Danish economy is currently operating above potential. Employment is at record high levels and continues to increase, while unemployment has dropped to a low level. The upswing started in 2013, an ...

  • Economic Survey, August 2019

    Publiceret 27-08-2019

    The Danish economy has a strong foundation, and the conditions are good for the economic upswing to continue in 2019 and 2020. The economy is expected to grow by 1.7 per cent in 2019 and 1.6 per cent ...

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    Denmark’s Convergence Programme 2019

    Publiceret 09-04-2019

    The Danish economy is experiencing a boom without any signs of significant imbalances. Employment is high and rising. Unemployment is low and declining.

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    Denmark’s National Reform Programme 2019

    Publiceret 12-03-2019

    The Danish economy is currently in a cyclical upswing. GDP growth and employment growth has been solid in recent years. The improved conditions on the labour market have led to a considerable increase ...

  • Economic Survey · December 2018

    Publiceret 14-12-2018

    The upturn in the Danish economy continues. Growth has been strong in recent years and GDP has grown by approximately 2¼ per cent per year in 2015-2017. The economic boom is also evident in employment ...