Danish cyber and information security strategy

Danish Cyber and Information Security Strategy

In common with the rest of the world, technological development in Denmark is currently accelerating. Moreover, Denmark is increasingly connected via digital solutions, and public authorities, businesses and citizens are becoming ever more dependent on the Internet and on the opportunities afforded by the Internet.

Denmark is one of the most digital countries in the world, and digital solutions are key to the development of the public sector and for the growth and competitiveness of private businesses.

Citizens are used to interacting with businesses and public authorities via digital solutions and have a basic trust that exchange of data and information takes place in a responsible and secure manner which respects the privacy of the individual.

Confidence in the security of digital solutions is crucial for the continued digital development of the Danish society. There is a need to protect our data and ensure that the digital solutions on which our welfare society depends are protected against damaging external attacks.

The government is now increasing its cyber and information security efforts and will invest DKK 1.5 billion in cyber and information security over the next few years.

With the 2018-2023 Defence Agreement the government and the parties responsible for the agreement significantly reinforced measures to protect Denmark against cyber threats. This work is now being further consolidated by a new national cyber and information security strategy that ties together the various efforts.

The government will launch 25 initiatives and six targeted strategies addressing the most critical sectors’ cyber and information security efforts to enhance the technological resilience of digital infrastructure, improve citizens’, businesses’ and authorities’ knowledge and skills and strengthen coordination and cooperation in this area. The strategy will consolidate cyber and information security in Denmark and ensure systematic and coordinated action over the coming four years.

The threat of malicious cyberattacks cannot be eliminated. However, by means of a new cyber and information security strategy, the government will ensure that society can continue to benefit from technological opportunities, and that citizens can retain confidence in digital development.