Report for the Voluntary National Review

Report for the Voluntary National Review

The 2030 Agenda and 17 SDGs together constitute a vision for our world and planet and a call to action. Delivering on this promise will require an enormous effort, and rightfully so. Lack of ambition is not an option when it comes to our people’s and planet’s collective well-being.

Denmark is uniquely positioned to achieve and promote the 2030 Agenda and the 17 SDGs. As Minister of Finance, I am proud to say that we have a strong economy and low unemployment combined with green energy, healthcare and education for all, gender equality, freedom of speech and a social safety net that supports those furthest behind. Since 1980, Denmark has achieved economic growth without any significant increases in total energy consumption, and even decreased emissions.

Denmark also takes responsibility internationally. We are among the six countries in the world that meet the common UN goal of providing 0.7 percent of GNI in ODA. We have done so since 1978 and will continue to do so. 

Having a head start does not imply that Denmark will sit back and relax. I was at the United Nations in 2015 when the 2030 Agenda was adopted, and as a politician I consider it an essential part of my responsibility that we take into account all three dimensions of sustainable development when we propose new initiatives: economic, environmental and social. We must ensure that our children inherit a world and planet in balance.

The task may seem daunting. But I am convinced we are up to it. I see tremendous commit-ment from stakeholders across Danish society: civil society, businesses, youth organisations and many more. The Danish government has presented a national Action Plan on how to follow up on the SDGs and already integrates sustainable development in policymaking. It is essential that we all take this task upon ourselves collectively to deliver on our ambitious promise. 

Let’s make it happen!