• Economic Survey, December 2016

    Published 16-12-2016

    The lengthy recovery of the Danish economy following first the global financial crisis and the subsequent debt crisis in Europe is approaching an end. Production has expanded every year since 2009 and ...

  • Public Finances, december 2016

    Published 14-12-2016

    Economic Survey, December 2016 presents an updated forecast for the Danish economy and public finances in the period 2016-2018. In the updated forecast the cyclical upswing in the Danish economy stren ...

  • Economic Survey, August 2016

    Published 30-08-2016

    The upturn continues despite heightened international uncertainty.

  • Economic Survey, May 2016

    Published 30-05-2016

    The upturn in the Danish economy continues. Measured by GDP the pace is not high, but employment is increasing strongly, also stronger than expected. Last year GDP grew by 1.2 per cent, and this year ...

  • Denmark's National Reform Programme 2016

    Denmark's National Reform Programme 2016

    Published 26-04-2016

    The Danish economy is in an ongoing economic upturn even though growth is moderate. This is particularly evident on the labour and housing markets. The conditions for accelerating growth are present, ...

  • Denmark's Convergence Programme 2016

    Denmark's Convergence Programme 2016

    Published 26-04-2016

    The Danish economy is improving, although GDP growth has been moderate. The improvement is most evident in the labour market where private sector employment has increased by more than 80,000 persons s ...