Denmark's National Reform Programme - First Progress Report


The purpose of the National Reform Programme and the annual progress reports is to unfold the reform measures that Denmark is implementing in order to fulfil the overall targets of the Lisbon Strategy for Employment and Growth.

This First Progress Report is the follow up on last year’s National Reform Programme concerning the period of 2008-2010.

Within the last year, immense changes have occurred in the world economy inevitably influencing the Danish economy as well. Initiatives to curb the crisis have been taken within fiscal policy, monetary policy, support of financial markets, and liquidity support. The measures within fiscal policy are aimed at restoring the general level of confidence in the economy, supporting the households and enlarging public investments.

It is a central long-term objective that Denmark maintains its position as one of the most prosperous countries in the world with a highly developed welfare state. Therefore, the Government is continuing its reform efforts. The present publication describes the development of reforms within the last year, including, inter alia, a tax reform in "Forårspakke 2.0" a green transport agreement, an agreement on "Green Growth", the continued implementation of the Globalisation fund, and continued efforts to cut administrative burdens for business.

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