• Denmark’s Convergence Programme 2008

    Published 18-12-2008

    Denmark's Convergence Programme 2008 (KP08) was sent to the EU on 8. December. Denmark's Convergence Programme has been prepared in accordance with the rules in the EU's Stability and Growth Pact. Con..

  • Economic Survey December 2008, English Summary

    Published 08-12-2008

    The outlook for Danish economy is marked by the financial turmoil and bleak prospects for the global economy.

  • Denmark's National Reform Programme

    Published 22-10-2008

    The Reform Programme 2008 is Denmark's second national reform programme which replaces the national reform programme from 2005. Denmark's National Reform Programme 2008 is not a fundamental recast of..

  • Working paper no. 11/2005

    Published 01-07-2008

    Pension Funding, Fiscal Sustainability and Government Debt

  • Working paper no. 18/2006

    Published 30-06-2008

    The US as a benchmark for EU15 productivity: lessons?

  • Working paper no. 19/2007

    Published 30-06-2008

    Pension systems from a tax/labour market perspective

  • Economic Survey May 2008, English Summary

    Published 28-05-2008

    The Danish economy is in the late stages of a strong cyclical upturn. Despite surprisingly strong growth in domestic demand in late 2007, including 4½ per cent annual growth in private consumption, th ...

  • Economic Survey February 2008 - English Summary

    Published 05-02-2008

    Against the backdrop of international financial turmoil, rising prices on food and energy globally and receding housing markets in many countries, the outlook is for a slowing down of the internationa ...

  • Budget Outlook, February 2008

    Published 04-02-2008

    In recent years the Danish economy has been characterised by high growth, increasing employment and a sharp decline in unemployment. The strong cyclical position of the economy has strengthened the pu ...