• Denmark's National Reform Programme

    Publiceret 22-10-2008

    The Reform Programme 2008 is Denmark's second national reform programme which replaces the national reform programme from 2005. Denmark's National Reform Programme 2008 is not a fundamental recast of..

  • Economic Survey December 2008, English Summary

    Publiceret 03-07-2008

    The outlook for Danish economy is marked by the financial turmoil and bleak prospects for the global economy.

  • Economic Survey February 2008 - English Summary

    Publiceret 03-07-2008

    Against the backdrop of international financial turmoil, rising prices on food and energy globally and receding housing markets in many countries, the outlook is for a slowing down of the internationa ...

  • Budget Outlook, February 2008

    Publiceret 03-07-2008

    In recent years the Danish economy has been characterised by high growth, increasing employment and a sharp decline in unemployment. The strong cyclical position of the economy has strengthened the pu ...

  • Economic Survey May 2008, English Summary

    Publiceret 03-07-2008

    The Danish economy is in the late stages of a strong cyclical upturn. Despite surprisingly strong growth in domestic demand in late 2007, including 4½ per cent annual growth in private consumption, th ...

  • Working paper no. 10/2003

    Publiceret 02-07-2008

    Comments on Yergin and West, "Oil Taxation and Oil Company Motivation”

  • Working paper no. 14/2005

    Publiceret 02-07-2008

    Long-Term Fiscal Indicators: "Sustainability versus Terminal Debt Constraints".

  • Working paper no. 2/2001

    Publiceret 02-07-2008

    Summary of Danish tax policy 1986-2002

  • Working paper no. 16/2005

    Publiceret 02-07-2008

    Two decades of structural reform in Denmark: a review

  • Working paper no. 9/2003

    Publiceret 02-07-2008

    Progression in taxation of earned income, wage formation and labour market performance