• Budget Outlook, December 2003

    Published 17-12-2003

    In light of the short-term forecast for the Danish economy, cf. Economic Survey, December 2003, the central government budget bill and the local government budgets for 2004, both the central governmen ...

  • Economic Survey, December 2003

    Published 11-12-2003

    Increasingly clear signs of an international upturn have emerged in the second half of 2003. The budding global recovery is supported by record-low monetary policy rates, reduced geo-political uncerta ...

  • Convergence Programme for Denmark 2003

    Published 02-12-2003

    Updated Convergence Programme for the period 2003-2010

  • Working paper no. 10/2003

    Published 18-10-2003

    Comments on Yergin and West, "Oil Taxation and Oil Company Motivation”

  • Working paper no. 9/2003

    Published 01-09-2003

    Progression in taxation of earned income, wage formation and labour market performance

  • Economic Survey, August 2003

    Published 28-08-2003

    A moderate international recovery is still expected to take off towards the end of the year and to gather further momentum in 2004. There are, however, only small and fragile signs of rising activity ...

  • Budget Outlook, August 2003

    Published 27-08-2003

    In light of the short term forecast for the Danish economy, cf. Economic Survey, August 2003, the central government draft budget bill and the agreements with local governments on the economy for 2004 ...

  • Economic Survey, May 2003

    Published 27-05-2003

    The international slowdown has been more prolonged than initially expected and an upswing is not likely to begin before the second half of 2003. A recovery of the international economy is expected to ...

  • Budget Outlook, May 2003

    Published 27-05-2003

    The outlook for the Danish economy has developed less favourably than expected in December. Unemployment has increased, employment has been declining and the private consumption, including car purchas ...

  • The law model, May 2003

    Published 23-05-2003

    The law model, May 2003