Denmark is ready for the SDG exam at the UN


While Danish students are finishing and celebrating their exams the Danish government has submitted its VNR report to the United Nations.

The VNR report describes how Denmark plans to contribute to the realisation of the 17 sustainable development goals. The government’s contribution is based on its Action Plan for the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Minister for Finance, Kristian Jensen, is in New York 17-19. July where he will present the report at the United Nations headquarter. 

The Minister for Finance, Kristian Jensen, says: 

Denmark is a frontrunner in promoting sustainable development in Denmark and in developing countries. The government expects to launch an SDG Fund in 2018 which will invest in sustainable projects in developing countries. We have also committed ourselves to assess new legislation in terms of their consequences for the SDGs.

This commitment ensures that the SDGs and their implementation is present in the daily work of government. I therefore look forward to presenting our report for the UN. As with all exams I hope other countries and partners are as happy about our Action Plan as we are.

The SDG Fund is expected to have a capital base of 5-6 billion DKK with an aim of mobilizing 30 billion DKK in investments in developing countries. The fund is a partnership between the government and private investors. 

The fund thereby contributes to the paradigm shift from public to private development financing. The fund ensures that Denmark’s development assistance is increasingly catalytic of private investments in sustainable development which is crucial to realise the SDGs. 

Besides the government civil society organisations, business, municipalities/regions, youth and academia have contributed as well.

The Minister for Finance, Kristian Jensen, says:

I am really happy that our report contains contributions from different Danish representatives and organizations. It shows that we are able to lift in union and thereby contribute to the realisation of SDG 17 on partnerships which is paramount to achieve the vision of a world in balance in 2030.

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