Increased customs control at the Danish borders


The Danish government, the Danish People’s Party and the Christian Democrats have today reached an agreement on strengthening border control by establishing a permanent and visible customs control at all Danish borders within the framework of the Schengen Agreement.

The agreement implies substantial investments in new control facilities, more customs officers, and extensive video surveillance of vehicles crossing the Danish borders as well as rapid assistance from the police in the event that customs officers detect criminal activity.

The customs control will be carried out as randomised samples aided by technological investments in scanners and surveillance equipment. It will be conducted with a minimum of nuisance to people crossing the Danish borders.

Minister of Finance Claus Hjort Frederiksen is convinced that the new control will make a difference with respect to combating crime in Denmark and increase domestic security.

I am convinced that with a strengthened customs control we can reduce cross-border crime and strengthen domestic security.

The increased customs control at the Danish borders is expected to benefit the fight against smuggling of e.g. drugs, weapons, money, and people. There will also be benefits in relation to social fraud and foreign companies that are not correctly registered in Denmark.