Centre for Sustainability and Structural Policy

The Ministry of Finance’s Centre for Fiscal Sustainability and Structural Policy (HSP) is responsible for preparing and assessing the economic impact of structural policy initiatives and reforms.

This includes reforms of public pensions and early retirement schemes as well as changes in personal income taxation.

Additionally, the Centre is responsible for evaluating the implications of long-term effects of e.g. increased educational attainment and immigration, which is ultimately used for the assessment of structural employment, public finances, and fiscal sustainability.

HSP analyzes economic developments at both the micro and macro levels using individual-level register data and medium-term projections, e.g. when assessing the net contribution to public finances of immigrants, and HSP participate in the de-velopment of the macroeconomic model MAKRO.

HSP is responsible for the empirical and theoretical foundations for assessments of the structural effects of economic policies pursued by the government, in particular those related to retirement, taxation and services provided by government.

This involves documentation, maintenance, and development of the methods of assessment and preparation of economic analyses.