Division for Economic Policy

The Division for Economic Policy is responsible for assessing fiscal policy challenges in both a short and medium term perspective as well as performing medium- and long term projections.

This includes the Government’s medium term strategy (currently the 2025-plan) and the yearly Convergence Programme submitted to the EU as part of the European semester. Hence, the Division plays a key role in the planning and assessment of economic policies.

The division also performs impact-analyses using macroeconomic models and is responsible for estimates of the structural budget balance, the impact of demographic changes, the output gap, fiscal effects on GDP and employment and the fiscal room for maneuver within the relevant fiscal targets.

Moreover, it is a priority to ensure time for analyses relevant for economic policy and macroeconomic conditions etc. and to maintain and further develop the methods used in key calculations and projections. The tasks are varied and closely linked to the political decision process.

The division employs 9 economists and 2 student workers.